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My Story

I was injured in a hunting accident in 1986. I have been in a wheelchair since. 

After years of unproductive activities--trying to prove to the world that being in a wheelchair was not going to keep me from living a "normal" life, I gave my life to Jesus Christ. 

On March 10, 1990 He saved my soul. After six years of college and beginning a new career as an accountant, I began writing songs.  He laid a message on my heart. What He has written through me speaks to the average Christian and to those God is calling to Him.  My sole purpose is to bring Glory to Him and share what a difference He made in my life. Nothing we go through in life is bigger than Him.

I began Walk A Mile Ministries, Inc in 2008 with the release of my first CD entitled “Walk A Mile In My Shoes.”  I followed up with a second CD “Into Your Hands” in 2011.  It was recorded at the studio of “Walk A Mile Music” and mixed, as well as mastered, at two different professional facilities.  Three of the songs (“Get Back on the Road”, “The Holy Spirit’s Got a Hold on You” and “The Lord God Almighty Blues”) made it to the top 20 on the Country Gospel Connection (CGC) top 100.

The next CD entitled “It’s A God Thing” was released in May of 2013.  The title track single was released in the fall of 2012 on the “Hope Street Music Group” compilation CD. It peaked at #3 on the February 2013 CGC top 100 chart. One other song from the new CD, “Jesus is my Rock” (mislabeled as “Jesus Saved My Soul” on the chart)  peaked at #9 in April. Still another “Jesus Means Everything to Me” will be released this month. There are at least three more songs yet to be released from this latest CD.  

In February of 2018 the fourth CD "Go Forward" will be released. My mother passed away three years ago and it took that long for me to come up with a song which captured her true nature. It's called "Mama's Heart". The official music video is on the home page.

My songs are like mini sermons.  Each is given by God and all have a special message of hope and inspiration.  Our mission statement here at Walk A Mile is “Sharing God’s Grace Through Song.” We take it very seriously.  Each song targets a specific biblical concept and tries to put it into context for those who may be struggling.  I won’t win any vocal awards, but if you grew up on country music, rock and roll or rhythm and blues, you will enjoy my music.  

I’m really excited about what God is doing here at “Walk A Mile”!

God Bless


What Inspires ME

People inspire me. I've seen many lives changed in a radical way by the power of the Holy Spirit! Our mission as Christians is to reflect the love of Christ in everything that we say and do so the light of Jesus shines through. I see the potential in everyone and I draw strength from those who share their wisdom and testimony. Everything is a song waiting to written!

Our Influences

I grew up on country music , rock n' roll and rhythm and blues. My style reflects the music I grew up on, but the lyrics glorify the Lord. I hope your enjoy it!

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